Bartizan 4105

4105 Portable Imprinter

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Accept Credit Cards

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Portable Credit Card Imprinter 4105

*There is no merchant plate mount.

4105 Imprinter


Weighing less than a pound, the
Addressograph Bar tizan 4105 mini imprinter is truly compact, light weight and portable.

It is ideal for cosmetic consultants, home party sales representatives, fast food delivery, taxi drivers and other direct marketers, where credit card transactions are an important part
of their business.

Imprinter Only


"Don't forget to order sales drafts."

Imprinter Specifications

• Dimensions - H 1 7/8 x W 3 5/16" x L 6 5/8" or (4.8 cm x 8.4 cm x 16.7 cm)
• Weight - 0.4 lbs (0.187 kg)
• Material - High Impact Styrene
• Color - Gray
• Card Mounting - Accepts CR80 size credit cards or most embossed identification
cards. Card mounting pocket can accommodate a 6 line embossed card.
• Forms - Open side design provides for printing on any size formset in upper left corner
• Options - Ink roller and nylon carrying case available. Packaging options include
individual box and master pack, bulk pack, or other custom requirements.

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