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Crash Kits /Credit Card Imprinters

What to do when you lose power or your POS goes down?

Imprinters or "Crash Kits" are a must have for every business.

Prevent chargebacks with a sales draft to provide proof of product delivery!

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QSR, C-Store, Android Solutions.

Accept Credit Cards

Retail, Restaurant, Internet.


QSR, Fine Dinning or Pizza Delivery.

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Credit Card Imprinters / Supplies

Imprinters are the ideal solution to today's electronic problems. When electronic terminals fail because of power failure, lost communication, or authorization hold-ups, your business won't suffer if you have an imprinter for backup.

Chargebacks occur when a customer or bank disputes a manually entered credit card transaction. Using an imprinter provides you with a copy of the transaction needed to prevent chargebacks. 

Portable 4105
Price: $11.50
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The 4105 mini imprinter can be used with a wide range of standard or custom sales
slips where no merchant plate is required.

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Portable 4200
Price: $16.75
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The 4200 is compact lightweight and easy to use. Accept cards anytime or anywhere.

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Portable 990
Price: $23.75
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This compact, light-weight portable imprinter delivers a clear crisp impression
the first time and every time.

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Desktop 4850
Price: $15.75
imprinter image 4

The 4850 provides retail merchants, and restaurants, with accurate chargeback prevention, and backup, at a highly competitive price.

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Desktop 4000
Price: $19.75
imprinter image 5

The combination of
reliability and durability makes the 4000 the ideal choice for all your
desktop imprinting needs.

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Desktop 2010-2011
Price: $22.75
imprinter image 6

The top-of-the line flatbed 2010 is referred to as the "Cadillac" of imprinters. The 2011 offers busy merchants a time saving date wheel option.

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Pump Handle 875-No Plate
Price: $39.75
imprinter image 7

The pump handle 875 is ideal for low volume merchants who require the versatility and reliability of a pump handle imprinter.


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Pump Handle 871
Price: $90.75
imprinter image 8

The 8 7 1 is a compact, versatile pump handle imprinter capable of producing high quality
impressions for a variety of data capture applications.

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840 Electric Imprinter
Price: $175.75
imprinter image 9

The Addressograph Bartizan 840 features a compact and versatile design for applications requiring speed and accuracy.

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Sales Drafts
Credit Drafts - Low Prices
imprinter image 10

Short Truncated High Quality Sales Drafts, 2 and 3 part.We also have Credit Drafts.


Ink Rollers 871-875-840
Price: $14.75
imprinter image 11

Replaceable Ink Roller Kits for all of our imprinters.


Imprinter Plates
Price: $7.95
imprinter image 12

Replacement Imprinter Plates for most standard imprinters.



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