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Tap, pay and save.

Tap your phone to an NFC terminal at checkout and use any credit or debit card you want with your Google Wallet app. Your phone sends payment info to the terminal. Google Offers from participating merchants are redeemed automatically. Tap your phone to pay at hundreds of thousands of NFC-enabled merchants across the country



What is near field communication (NFC) technology?

NFC is a new wireless technology that enables data transmission between two objects when they are brought within a few inches of each other.Smartphones enabled with NFCtechnology can exchange data with other NFC enabled devices or read information from smart tags embedded in posters, stickers and other products.


A wallet you can lock

Unlike leather wallets, Google Wallet is password protected. On your phone, a 4-digit Google Wallet PIN prevents unauthorized access. For added protection use your Android's screen lock.

Online, Google has multiple layers of password protection to help you create a defense against cyber criminals.


Remote control your wallet

If your phone ever gets lost or stolen you can remotely disable your account online at Your individual cards will still work, but once the reset is successful, your phone will be disabled from making an unauthorized purchase.


Encryption is the key

The credit and debit cards you store in Google Wallet are safely encrypted on secure servers in a secure location. When you pay in-store, Google actually pays the merchant, and then processes the transaction with your selected credit or debit card. So neither the merchant nor the Android operating system ever gets your real payment card information.*


Nothing to see here

Google Wallet always keeps the account numbers on your cards hidden. When your cards appear on your phone's screen in-store, the numbers are not visible. And when you pay online, we only display the last four digits.


Not sharing is caring

Google Wallet does not share the credit and debit card info you store in your wallet with any merchant online or offline. No one should have access to that information, except you.


Where it works

Currently, you can use Google Wallet in-store anywhere MasterCard® PayPass™ is accepted, at over 140,000 merchants across the United States. Just look for the PayPass™ symbols.

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