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Coasters & Staff Pagers

Paging Systems

Customers don't leave as quickly when they have a Coaster Pager, and staff can stay on the floor taking care of customers when the kitchen uses Staff Pagers.

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Restaurant Solutions

PC Solutions, Register Solutions, iPad and Android Solutions.


QSR, C-Store, Android Solutions.

Accept Credit Cards

Retail, Restaurant, Internet.


QSR, Fine Dinning or Pizza Delivery.

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Paging Systems


Since 1993, LRS has been the leading innovator of onsite wireless solutions. We’ve been providing revolutionary technologies from the beginning, helping businesses become more efficient and productive. We are based in Dallas, Texas and have offices worldwide. As a U.S.-based design and engineering facility with professionals who place top priority in understanding and meeting our clients' needs, you can be assured our solutions will be practical and easy to use.

Please contact us for assistance with system design or questions. We appreciate the opportunity to speak with you directly and address any of your concerns.

Coaster Pagers
flashing coasters

Restaurant pagers are a perfect tool to help you increase sales and improve services. With restaurant pagers, beepers and buzzers your operation will receive several benefits.

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Aqua Pagers
Aqua Pagers

WATERPROOF* and ANTI-BACTERIAL pager, AQUA is the world’s most durable pager. AQUA prevents passing germs by killing them instantly on contact.

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Server Pagers
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 The LRS service pager has the strongest vibration in the industry making it the workhorse of many industries including restaurants, nurseries, salons, and retail.

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Staff Paging
SP5 Pagers

This low cost staff paging system is simple to use and will intercrease inter-office communications. Simply type a short message on the keyboard and the transmitter will instantly notify staff members wearing compatible pagers.

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T74 Repeater
t74 repeater

Increase the range of your current paging system with this repeater. You can add one or more repeaters depending upon your circumstances or coverage needs. Contact us for system design, assistance or questions.

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Replacement Pagers
flashing pagers

Order your replacement pagers here. We offer competative pricing on guest paging, server paging and staff paging replacements.

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