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RetailEdge provides a powerful, cost-effective solution for many types of retailers and businesses that have inventory, customer, or sales tracking needs. RetailEdge has been providing retail businesses with affordable retail management solutions since 1989 and works for single location businesses as well as multiple location businesses.

Easy to Install and Maintain: RetailEdge is as easy to install and maintain as any other Windows program. Special certifications and training are not required to purchase, install, and configure the program. Upon request, RetailEdge will come pre-loaded on your system.

Easy to Learn and Use: RetailEdge is able to save businesses money because it does not require specialized training to learn the program.

Flexible: Every retail business is unique and individual businesses have specific needs. RetailEdge is designed to work in a wide variety of environments and works well for most retail businesses.

Scalable: RetailEdge allows businesses to grow from small, single store operations to multiple
workstation network-based systems, to multiple location operations. RetailEdge is easy enough for small retailers with limited resources to use and powerful enough for businesses with greater needs.

Affordable: RetailEdge is affordable compared to other point of sale software on the market.

RetailEdge incorporates sophisticated features without the cost.

Free Technical Support: RetailEdge comes with 90 days of FREE technical support to help users get up and running.

After the initial 90 days, we offer a number of comprehensive support plans.

Saves Businesses Money: Not only does RetailEdge save customers money with the initial purchase, it has program features designed specifically to lower on-going expenses.

Features like Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs are a core part of RetailEdge and do not cost extra to implement.

We offer integrated and stand alone Merchant Services that save customers money on their credit card processing fees and one source of contact at for total support.

Test Drive RetailEdge: Nothing is going to give you a better feel for what the program can do for a business than trying it for yourself. Like trying on a pair of shoes, using the program will help you better understand its strengths and weaknesses and whether it will work for your customers.

Please check out our free, fully functional, Demo. For download info: call 800-859-9250

Call for questions or information (336)854-6001




RetailEdge supports all the common features you’d expect in a point of sale application. In addition, RetailEdge comes with the following features standard at no additional cost.
Multi-Location: RetailEdge supports multi-location real time consolidation of data. Using a noncentralized approach to multi-location businesses, RetailEdge allows businesses to manage and control sales, customers, inventory, transfers, and purchase orders from any location.
Information Managers: RetailEdge’s Customer, Inventory and Sales Managers provide customer centric sales and item histories for all locations at a glance. Makes businesses more efficient and better able to serve and sell to customers.

Sales Features

Fast, Efficient, Sales Processing
Gift Cards
Credit Card Processing
Promotion Code Tracking
Gift receipts
Saved Sales
Open Orders/Deposits
Multi Level Sales Jurisdiction Tax
Tracking –Supports multiple sales tax
jurisdictions (GST/PST) and 2-tiered tax
rates with department and class
Line item clerk sales tracking
Customer Features
Loyalty Program
Customer Cards
Price Level Discounting Rules
Customer Images
Inventory Features
Barcode-based Pricing Labels
Add-ons and Aliases
Matrix-based Sizing
Serial Number Tracking
Alternate Code Lookups including 2
UPC/EAN fields
Case Lot Tracking and Splitting
250 character descriptions and 50 character stock numbers.
5 price fields - Allows you to set up customers for price level discounting.
Separate Vendor and Manufacturer Part Number Fields
Seasonal Minimum and Maximum Field Tracking
Inter-Location Inventory Transfers

Client Server Architecture. RetailEdge is built using client/server architecture that improves reliability, flexibility, and scalability but can also be installed on a single machine that serves as both a client and server.

QuickBooks Links. Direct links to QuickBooks. RetailEdge transfers data to QuickBooks with the touch of a button using the QuickBooks API. RetailEdge allows mapping of department information to different accounts in QuickBooks and payment specific reconciliation.

Call or email us for additional information or a trial copy of Retailedge, contact David Tesh @ 336-854-6001. Also ask about how we can save you money with integrated Credit Card Processing.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your business needs and offer suggestions on streamlining your checkout, while maximizing your return on yor investment.

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